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SeeSense Studio – Commercial Photography

SEE SENSE – STUDIO SHOOT See Sense are back with their amazing new light. They had it on Kickstarter for 30 days, but they kicked the ass off the target they needed to get to in order for production to start on the brand new ACE light. They asked me to take the studio shots of the product and update the photos of the ICON light for their online shop. Studio shots are great fun with all the loud music, […]

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New York, Baby – Travel Photography

In February, Fiona and I just did that thing we’d always dreamt of doing and said, “SCREW IT, LET’S JUST GO!” So we booked to go to New York City for a full week. What an incredibly stressful three weeks of planning I had before hand, but holy shizznit, was it worth it! We’d booked a hotel through Secret Escapes that was right beside the Empire State Building, which is very central to Manhattan so planning what was around us, […]

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I love the variety of work my job has. From designing a publication for enormous print runs, event signage, photographing events, to weddings, to products, to restaurants. On 2 June, Chloco opened their doors to the public on their new premises in Bangor. I was there to photograph headshots and the fantastic opening party. Here are just a few photos.

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