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New York, Baby

In February, Fiona and I just did that thing we’d always dreamt of doing and said, “SCREW IT, LET’S JUST GO!” So we booked to go to New York City for a full week. What an incredibly stressful three weeks of planning I had before hand, but holy shizznit, was it worth it! We’d booked a hotel through Secret Escapes that was right beside the Empire State Building, which is very central to Manhattan so planning what was around us, […]

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I love the variety of work my job has. From designing a publication for enormous print runs, event signage, photographing events, to weddings, to products, to restaurants. On 2 June, Chloco opened their doors to the public on their new premises in Bangor. I was there to photograph headshots and the fantastic opening party. Here are just a few photos.

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Pizza Punks

Very excited to have been over with Pizza Punks for their new restaurant opening in Belfast. Based in Glasgow, these guys have made a name for themselves creating amazing, wood fired pizza’s with boat loads of toppings and a fist full of attitude. From the initial press release, to the promotional photos, and the opening blogger’s night. Here’s a feast of photos.

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