Life at Queen’s

Before I begin. Let’s take go back in time. To the old Q logo. Where it all started. I was a fresh-faced, young guy without a grey hair on my head when I landed a secondment up in Queen’s in 2012. Working 3 days a week in the old ‘Marketing and Creative Services’ with a bunch of legends of Queen’s. It’s here where I found my love of graphic design for education and even photography. Since then, I have done A LOT.

Years at Queen's
Starting in June 2012 as a designer on a secondment from Darragh Neely Design Works.
No joke. That’s all of the Undergrad, Postgrad, International prospectuses that I’ve created. Some of those even had mini guides.
InDesign files later
Yeah, I checked. That’s a lot of print, web pages, gif ads, social media posts and PowerPoint templates.
Queen’s White Logo - Landscape

In the last 10 years there has been a full rebrand, digital transformation projects, website redesign and an evolution in general for the university, building on it’s reputation across the globe.

My job role has evolved too. I am the designer and photographer for publications and campaigns.  Each day can be very different, from having the team over to ‘Dan’s kitchen’ for the day for a creative session on coming up with ideas for campaigns, to photographing the VC on the roof of the Main Site Tower, to flying a drone over the Lanyon, to building props for campaign shoots, to creating a thousand gif ads in a day, to building wraps, to billboards, to, signage, to… You get the picture. 

Here are a few links some of the big things I do. First up is the prospectus.

In 2016, I redesigned the prospectus from the page size up. It has stayed the same format since, been up for awards in the Heist Education Awards, and now with the recent addition of the all-new digital prospectus, it is really a beast of a publication. Read all about it here:

Another large part of my job is all around campaigns. That’s from sitting with the team discussing the aims, looking at the target audience in great depth using the golden circles, creating our own student profiles to help us create something useful, even holding and being directly involved with student focus groups showing concepts and lines. All of this helps narrow down the direction we follow for each campaign. I’d then take our findings and come up with visual concepts ad photography ideas. Here are a few of my favourites.