Postgrad study at Queen’s University

Each day is very different. One day I’ll be designing the next prospectus, the next, I’ll up at 4am to catch the sunrise for photos for the next recruitment campaign for the year ahead. I love these shoots. They are the product of a group of us sitting around a table, brainstorming and bouncing ideas around until we get a full-proof concept signed off and good to go.

For Queen’s university, one of our main drives is student recruitment on a postgraduate level. Appealing to this audience always proves a little more difficult than for undergraduates. The visuals and messaging need to be carefully thought out and crafted to cater for a wider range of students – from undergraduates finishing up their degree, to people who are thinking of a career change.

To start, a team of us took a day out and worked from the comfort of my living room. We wanting to get away from the office and take a fresh look at the project. We covered my walls with empathy maps, words and messages until we came up with a solid plan.

Taking the university out of the picture and putting the focus on the student for the front-facing image of the campaign was a must. The idea for this was to think about where people would naturally go to to think about what is next for them in life, and take some models/students out to those places and photograph them. I then took a group of people to a forest to capture the main image of a student climbing on a fallen tree. We then visited the docs around Belfast, the Dark Hedges and Ballintoy Harbour to get more campaign photos. To align these with the Queen’s brand, we made sure to have the models wearing a bright red hoodie which would be striking and prominent in everything we’d create.