Clearing at Queen’s University


In 2017 we started out on an ambitious campaign for Clearing at Queen’s University. Clearing is a heart-in-mouth process for students who have just completed their A-levels, particularly for those who didn’t get into their dream course for one reason or another.

The campaign plan was to create something that students could relate to. Something that put them front and centre, making them imagine what life could be like at Queen’s, even if they hadn’t thought about applying before.

The idea was to place a student in the frame, but photograph and video them looking at different landmarks around Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Once we had solidified the idea, we went about creating it. This involved interviewing past students that had been through the Clearing process, taking their photos at different places around the campus and the city, and getting them to vlog their experience.

I really love coming up with a campaign idea and getting to take it right through from concept to completion. 

The portraits were take with my Fujifilm XT2 with 56mm f1.2, with a remote flashgun, with a Flashbender attached. A pretty light setup when I had to run in, grab a headshot in a busy location and get packed up quickly. No fuss was key.

Taking a great portrait for this was something I really wanted to work on and develop properly as a skill inside of my own photography and this was a perfect job to practice.

After these, we made VR goggles and 360 videos of the campus so that people from overseas could have these delivered in a goodie box from Queen’s and they could put themselves inside the campus to take a look around.

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