Frequently Asked Questions that nobody's asked.

How much is stuff?

What is a 'Designer's Photographer'?

Because I am a graphic designer by day, I have a unique superpower of being able to visualise how the photo will be used by a designer. I know to leave space for copy and logos, meaning the whole process is a lot easier for everyone.

Do you travel for work?

OH HELL YEAH. I love travelling. I have everything I need right here and it’s good to go. Just point me in the direction and I’ll be there.

How long have you done this photo malarkey for?

How long is a piece of string? I’ve always had a camera with me, even as a kid. Part of my degree was a photography-based, so it’s always been something I’ve practiced. Professionally, 7+ years so far and I LOVE IT.

Wedding-wise, I take on around 6-8 a year. Because I limit myself, I spend more time getting to know each couple and making sure it is more personal for them. Also, get in early to avoid disappointment!

How long is a piece of string?

If I had to guess, it would be about 6. Stop asking stupid questions!

What printer do you use?

Probably my most commonly asked question, genuinely. I have the Canon Pro 200 A3 printer. Now, stop messaging me on Instagram. Ask me about my cat instead.

Are you insured and tax registered?

Oh yeah. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I wasn’t either of those things. Public indemnity, public liability (because I don’t trust myself in public), and all my gear is insured. Also, the tax man is smiling, don’t worry.

Is everything backed up?

Once again, there would be no sleep if I hadn’t some ridiculous back up system in place. Everything is stored on one hard drive, then cloned to a second hard drive, then uploaded to a cloud-based server.

Canon or Sony?

NIETHER! Nikon for life! I’ve shown the original unedited files to diehard Sony and Canon fans and they are blown away by the quality and colours. Nikon gets less attention because they don’t give a shit about influencers on YouTube. I once tried to move to Fujifilm (XT2) – it was good, but just not Nikon. I now use brand spanking new Nikon mirrorless cameras – Z7 ii and Z6 ii, with a D750 always as a backup close by as a backup.

Can we meet?

I’ll never say no to a flat white (so hipster, I know) and a chat about what I can do to help your business, or capture you beautiful people being all lovey dovey. Give me a shout and let’s do this.