Roe Park Resort

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In March, I spent 3 days and nights at the glorious Roe Park Resort, photographing everything from the accommodation to the spa facilities, the restaurants to the meeting rooms. There was a lot of ground to cover, not to mention the golf course surrounding the hotel. This place is in such a beautiful part of Northern Ireland. It’s so peaceful and remote, yet close to the incredible Causeway Coast. Perfect place to unwind after a day exploring the North Coast.

During my stay I made sure to catch the 5.30am sunrise from the golf course using the drone (licensed and insured, of course), as well as the pitch black starry skies at night. The weather couldn’t have been better for the duration of the shoot.

Having a hotel to myself was great and it allowed a lot of time and creativity to be spent on the shoot. Also, I got a bit of peace. I mean, who doesn’t want to head off to a hotel, especially since we haven’t had that luxury in over a year since the start of the pandemic?!

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