UPU Industries

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UPU Industries are a global company with factories in both Dromore, NI and Kansas, US. These guys know their stuff when it comes to wrapping and bailing. Together with Morrow Communications, we went to the factory and spent a couple days there, photographing everything from the factory, to the end products, to the staff that make the magic happen for farming all around the globe.

I was like a child in a sweet shop, walking around the factory with all it’s raw, mechanical looking backdrops, seeing future portrait photos in my mind. Honestly, I had the most fun with this lot and they were up for the craic, standing in odd locations in the factory wondering what I saw in it. Then they saw the back of the camera. Here’s all of the portraits… because I love them all!

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Then we tackled the factory floor. There was a lot of insanely complex things moving and weaving at a million miles per hour, making what looked like something Spiderman produces. Maybe he should think about going into bailing if the good guy/bad guy stuff dries up.

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And then there were products. Lots of them. Here are a few. All shot on the biggest white backdrop I could possibly find, cause some of these things are massive. I wouldn’t like to see the shipping cost on this stuff if it was on Amazon!

While we had the big white backdrop out, we may as well get a full staff shot. Sure, you know yourself anyway.

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