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I love getting stuck into a new campaign with so much detail to figure out, lots of planning involved and lots of creativity needed. In 10+ years, I’ve worked on a lot of them, from sitting with the team discussing the aims, looking at the target audience in great depth using the golden circles, creating our own student personas to help us create something useful and even being directly involved with student focus groups presenting concepts and copy lines. All of this helps narrow down the direction we follow for each campaign. I’d then take our findings and come up with visual concepts. Then evolve it every year, keeping it fresh and strong. 

All visual concepts, design and photography are executed by myself, even some of the copy lines.

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Undergraduate Open Days
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over the years

PG 2022

Time for an evolution. Again. This concept is something I have wanted to do for ages. I’d seen it in an accidental behind the scenes shot of someone in a studio and always thought it would be class to have an on-location shot showing we are exactly who we say we are. We are on campus. We are here. These are our students. This is Queen’s. This is one of the most fun campaigns I have had the pleasure of creating and executing. As with all campaigns there are a mega amount of assets to produce. From hundreds of brochures, to thousands of events, to millions of gif ads, powerpoint templates, digital screens for cross-campus. There is a lot.

Here are a few spreads for the next PG prospectus that is currently underway.

In 2017 we started out on an ambitious campaign for Clearing at Queen’s University. Clearing is a heart-in-mouth process for students who have just completed their A-levels, particularly for those who didn’t get into their dream course for one reason or another.

Read all about it here:
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There are so many campaign related things to show. Here is a mix of everything, from billboards to poster, to digital adshells, to gif ads, to web banners, to event graphics, including exhibition graphics and print materials.

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