PGR at Queen’s


Postgraduate Research (PGR) study at Queen’s needed a bit of a facelift this year. Some of the work going on here is truely incredible, and without using all the buzz words, it really is world-class! We decided to try and hero some of those individuals that are really making a difference to their industry and to people’s lives.

Knowing this would involve portrait photography, I got very excited. I needed to make it different, but still easy to set up in labs. I didn’t want to just take their photo in situ, which could potentially look like a stock image, I wanted to make it obvious it was a Queen’s environment, sneaking in the brand colour in these shots in a tasty way.

I came up with the plan of building a portable backdrop, as you do, and popped over to B&Q to get supplies. I spraypainted a piece of plyboard and created a clamping system that would attach to a light stand. This would sit behind the person in the photo – big enough to make an impact, and small enough to show the surroundings. This, added with my favourite, a ton of lighting, help me to create some epic portraits, if I do say so myself. Here’s a few more. More in the pipeline.

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