June 2018


I love the variety of work my job has. From designing a publication for enormous print runs, event signage, photographing events, to weddings, to products, to restaurants. On 2 June, Chloco opened their doors to the public on their new premises in Bangor. I was there to photograph headshots and the fantastic opening party. Here are just a few photos.

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Pizza Punks

Very excited to have been over with Pizza Punks for their new restaurant opening in Belfast. Based in Glasgow, these guys have made a name for themselves creating amazing, wood fired pizza’s with boat loads of toppings and a fist full of attitude. From the initial press release, to the promotional photos, and the opening blogger’s night. Here’s a feast of photos.

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Donard Bikes

Back out with the camera to spend some time with Owen from Donard Bikes to capture him doing what he does best – making these legendary, hand-built bike frames. From the carbon that’s kept in the freezer, to building of the frame and hand painting them, there is an insane amount of detail, intricacy and care that goes into these. It was an honour to get to see first-hand how these are built and capture these photos.

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