August 2020

Rebecca & Jordan – Ardnavalley – Wedding Photography

2020 has been tough. Especially for people who have had weddings cancelled and postponed. There have been many. It really was third time lucky for Rebecca & Jordan with their date. They couldn’t have asked for better weather. I mean, the days surrounding it were awful. But things came together beautifully. They were stunning, the weather was stunning, the venue was stunning. They really lucked out with their special day and it really was an absolute joy to photograph it all! […]

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LT Fitness – Commercial Photography

I got to hang out with Lisa in her amazing home-fitness studio where she live streams classes to her clients during the pandemic. The purpose-built area is perfect for all those looking to shed some post-lockdown weight, when we get the chance. This was a really fun, chilled out shoot to get some promo photos for Lisa to advertise her services online. Lisa is awesome. Check out her page here.

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Sarah & Ruairi – Bangor Town Hall – Wedding Photography

First wedding out of lockdown! And what a beautiful day it was! It was so refreshing seeing people with smiles on their faces and conversations about the couple. Anything other than the ‘Rona. Sarah & Ruairi had plans back in April and had rescheduled as soon as the rules for lockdown had lifted slightly. Their patience was met with great weather and company. This wedding is a two-parter. The party will continue in October for these two. Here’s a few […]

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